Working on a platform play? Good – but know this.

6 Apr

So you’re bursting with passion to work on this one idea that will connect people in new ways, utilizing all of the potential that we cognoescenti see in the world. Monetization? Sure, you can worry about that later. After all, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, tumblr and a bunch of others have figured it out (somehow).

That’s not even wrong. However, your real job then is not to build a platform, but to define the rules for your industry (however large or small that is) – if you succeed, these rules will simply include that your approach is the profitable one.

In my view, that’s not too daring. What I notice, though, is that technology is usually more decisive in this regard than many would expect, and I am not sure that startups outside the Valley and New York City (- the latter one of which has undergone a fascinating evolution, btw.) are playing the same game. Reading how¬†Instagram successfully added 1m users within 24 hours shows how far ahead U.S. start-ups are compared to those in other parts in the world – Eyeem is doing a fantastic job in Berlin and has a somewhat different approach than Instagram but their infrastructure (for now) goes down when Leo Laporte promotes the service.


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