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Amazon goodness

23, Oct 2012

Mit dem Kindle Paperwhite marschiert Amazon schnurstracks auf den ebook-Thron. Bereits mit dem 2011er Kindle bin ich hochzufrieden, auch wenn die Bildschirmauflösung und der dunkelgrüne Hintergrund auffallen. Beide Punkte hat Amazon souverän verbessert und schon die WiFi-Version sorgt für ausreichend Lesefreude: der neue Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ( Beim Design des passenden Netzteils hat sich Amazon […]

So you’re bursting with passion to work on this one idea that will connect people in new ways, utilizing all of the potential that we cognoescenti see in the world. Monetization? Sure, you can worry about that later. After all, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, tumblr and a bunch of others have figured it out (somehow). […]

Every now and then, mobile payment pops back up in the news. I recently prepared a dossier for our member companies summarizing the state of mobile payment – in short: many angles, very few use cases, no widespread adoption in sight. I might be wrong but my impression is that this is due to all […]