The setup

Inspired by The Setup, here is the gear & apps I use every day. I have included affiliate links only for services that I use (and pay for) myself and can recommend.


I have grown fond of my Lenovo ThinkPad X201t and the Lenovo docking station. I have hooked it up to a Dell 2009WT monitor (and would love to add another one). I’m using a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as an external HDD and the usual accessories.

For mobile use, I have a Motorola Milestone that probably needs replacing (iPhone 5?) and a 3rd gen iPod touch 32GB, which I enjoy with Klipsch Si5 rugged headphones – definitely buy them: mine broke after 1.5 years and the refund was covered by the 2 year warranty. Pro tip: buy replacement tips on the Klipsch website or eBay once you have found your size.


I use Backblaze [affil. link] to back up my files in addition to the external HDD. It comes with unlimited storage and an easy-to-use interface, so I can only recommend you give them a try. Having just gotten started with Python, XHTML & CSS, I find the preview version of the Intype editor very helpful. If you’re into task management at all, you’ll understand why my preferred productivity application is Microsoft Outlook in the 2010 edition – read Michael Linenberger’s guide for a much deeper explanation of effective workflows. For mobile access, Gmail is the way to go.

My domain registrar is domaindiscount24 [affil. link]. They have a myriad of TLDs available and URL and email forwarding is included with every registration without additional costs.